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Open Systems
With No Limits.

In today's volatile global business environment, enterprise computing has become an extreme sport with quick access to the right information frequently making the difference between success and failure.

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C-Byte Launched Online
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C-Byte with Web-based storefront, C-ByteDirect, offers customers a selection of enterprise class solutions and downloadable software 24 hours a day. Launched in February 1994, the new service simplified the ordering process by allowing customers to configure and submit a purchase order at their convenience. C-Byte expands the program throughout as new system bundles and software become available.

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Question: How can a central IT organization best support the business units; protect the corporation's information asset; boost system performance and throughput; retain a single-system view for programming and operation; AND produce a system architecture flexible enough to support changing business needs well into the next centry?

Answer: With C-Byte's Intel-based Data Center Ready computing platform, it's a breakthrough of incredible proportions.

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C-Byte may be the safest technology investment you'll ever make. Buy only what you need now, add whatever else you need later. You'll never again have to replace hardware or rewrite applications to accommodate growth. You get full value for every additional dollar you invest, extending the useful life of your system well into the 21st century. Isn't it also comforting to know that no matter what kind of an environment you build with C-Byte, it will readily reconfigure to embrace any direction your enterprise chooses to move, any technology it chooses to adopt and any demand your user population can dream up.
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As you face the transition to a new information system, C-Byte will be there every step of the way - helping you to choose and implement the right solutions for your enterprise. We have knowledge, experience, and technology to not only help you fully exploit the power and potential of open systems, but make the journey as smooth, successful and painless as possible.

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